Best SEBI Registered Intraday Tips Provider

Best SEBI Registered Intraday Tips Provider: Telegram has emerged as one of India’s leading social media platforms, particularly in the realm of trading. Numerous Telegram channels provide traders with free tips, advice, views, and charts related to the stock market. However, not all of them are SEBI registered. In this article, we present a curated list of the top 16 SEBI Registered Telegram channels in India that you can join to stay informed about the latest stock recommendations and tips.

Channel NameSubscribersLink
STOCKS TIME17 642Join Now
StockPro_Online230 435Join Now
chaseAlpha37 629Join Now
equity99145 222Join Now
Neha010315 998Join Now
SharesNservices32 392Join Now
StockMarketTodayUpdates134 597Join Now
eqwires13 643Join Now
PATELWEALTH100 556Join Now
stockboxtrading36 520Join Now
abhayvarn49 514Join Now
deltatrading144 030Join Now
Stockwizardd14 873Join Now
Intradat10 840Join Now

Best SEBI Registered Intraday Tips Provider.

Stock Gainers

Led by SEBI-registered analyst Kapil Verna, Stock Gainers stands out as a top-tier stock market Telegram channel. Beginners interested in learning about the stock market and investing will find valuable calls, charts, and data to analyze and study stock market behavior.


  • Free tips and information
  • In-depth learning about the stock market with training programs
  • Learn about swing and positional trading
  • Daily updates on the stock market


STOCKS TIME, guided by the expertise of SEBI Registered Research Analyst Ashish Kumar, caters to both beginners and experienced traders. The platform offers user-friendly courses and insightful tips, making it easy to master investing and decode the market.


  • Free trading tips and advice
  • Simple stock market learning programs
  • Insights into swing and long-term trading
  • Daily stock market updates

StockPro Online

StockPro, managed by SEBI registered research analyst Dr. Seema Jain, provides reliable and timely information about stocks, market trends, and positional trading options. The channel boasts a 98% accuracy in their trading calls and specializes in bank nifty and options trade.


  • 98% accuracy in trading calls
  • Finest equity calls with positional stock updates
  • Exclusive morning sessions for discussing topics
  • Specialization in bank nifty and options trade

Chase Alpha

Chase Alpha, another SEBI-registered Telegram channel, offers free calls and stock market views. It’s an excellent choice for options trading in nifty and bank nifty, providing exclusive courses for stock market enthusiasts.


  • Free channel
  • Exclusive courses for the stock market
  • Helpful for options and event trading


Equity99 stands out as one of the best channels for trading, offering a transparent and balanced study of the stock market. With a focus on both short- and long-term investment tips, Equity99 provides regular comprehensive reports.


  • Authentic calls
  • 90% accuracy
  • Tips with proper stop-loss strategies

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Financial Independence Services

Financial Independence Services (FIS) is a popular SEBI-registered channel on Telegram, that provides free calls and tips. FIS aims to help individuals achieve financial independence with regular free charts, technical analysis, and specialization in nifty and bank nifty calls.


  • Free calls
  • Regular free charts and technical analysis
  • Specialization in nifty and bank nifty calls
  • Options trading and intraday trading calls

SharesNservices is another SEBI-registered free Telegram channel for stock market trading and investing. Known for unbiased and accurate advice with over 25 years of experience, they offer intraday, finance, and positional trading services.


  • Intraday, finance, and positional trading services
  • Free channel
  • Research calls and other tips


SMT is a trading Telegram channel that is SEBI as well as NISM certified, specializing in nifty, bank nifty, and equity. Gain trading knowledge with multiple strategies, regular updates on the stock market, and daily trading calls.


  • Specializes in nifty, bank nifty, and equity
  • Learn multiple trading strategies
  • Regular updates on the stock market
  • Daily trading calls

Eqwires Research Analyst

If you are into intraday trading, Eqwires is the right trading channel for you. Offering up to 7-9 high-quality trades and free counseling webinars on equities and technical analysis, Eqwires is a valuable resource for learning about the stock market.


  • Futures and options intraday tips
  • Great platform for learning about the stock market
  • Free counseling webinars on equities and technical analysis

Patel Wealth

Patel Wealth, managed by experienced SEBI registered research analyst Minish Patel, offers various intraday and positional tips for stock trading.


  • Intraday stock options call
  • Free intraday tips

VG STOCK RESEARCH is another Telegram channel for trading, specializing in offering nifty and bank nifty trades. They provide regular stock market tips, genuine information, and updates on upcoming IPOs and trades.


  • Regular stock market tips
  • Best for nifty and bank nifty trades
  • Free tips and genuine stock market information
  • Updates on upcoming IPOs and trades
  1. Stockbox Trading

Stockbox Trading (SEBI Registered) is a telegram channel that made its mark in the trading world. With a team that holds 15+ years of experience in the stock market, this channel offers recommendations on options trading. Furthermore, you get daily free calls from trading experts on nifty, bank nifty, and equity calls. If this isn’t enough, they also share daily performance reports in the group.


  • Free and Premium Services are Available
  • Good customer support
  • Equity/Cash calls provided
  1. Trading with CA Abhay

As the name explains, this channel was created by CA Abhay, a SEBI Registered Research Analyst with an experience of more than 5 years. This channel offers recommendations on equity, nifty & bank nifty options along with price action, derivatives, chart analysis, and detailed educational content. Additionally, they also offer short-term and long-term calls with high accuracy.


  • Daily Free Profitable calls
  • Chart Analysis
  • Good quality performance

Started in October 2022, DELTA TRADING is a telegram channel run by SEBI Registered Research Analysts. This channel provides daily trading updates for free along with equity and futures & options calls for intraday and swing trading. With their jackpot intraday and bank nifty calls, you can earn the maximum profit.


  • Chart and Market Updates
  • 100% Free Channel
  • Daily Free Calls

A1 FREE INTRADAY TIPS [SEBI Reg] is a team of experienced and SEBI-registered technical advisors dedicated to providing valuable insights into the stock market. By joining this channel, you’ll have access to daily free share tips or calls with an accuracy rate of over 75%. You can get Intraday Tips, including Jack Pot Call, Sure Shot Tips, F & O (FNO), Bank Nifty, and BTST Tips.


  • Daily Free Share Tips or calls
  • 75% accuracy
  • Intraday Tips – Jack Pot Call, Sure shot Tips, F & O (FNO), Bank Nifty, BTST Tips

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Difference Between SEBI-Registered and Other Telegram Channels

FeatureSEBI RegisteredOther
TransparencyLower risk associated with investing in securities promoted on SEBI-registered channelsNot required to disclose as much information
TrustworthinessGenerally considered to be more trustworthyMay not be as trustworthy
RequirementsRequired to provide accurate and timely information, disclose conflicts of interest, and refrain from making false or misleading statementsNot required to follow the same rules and regulations
RiskLower risk associated with investing in securities promoted on SEBI-registered channelsHigher risk associated with investing in securities promoted on normal channels


Above, we have listed some of the best SEBI-registered telegram channels. All these are esteemed channels and offer good-quality calls. Always keep in mind that the stock market involves risk, and investment must be done with caution.


  1. How reliable are SEBI-registered Telegram channels?
    • SEBI-registered channels are generally considered more trustworthy due to their adherence to regulations and disclosure requirements.
  2. Are the calls provided by these channels free?
    • Most of the listed channels offer free calls, but some may also have premium services.
  3. Can I learn about stock market trading from these channels?
    • Yes, many channels provide learning programs, webinars, and insights into various trading strategies.
  4. Do SEBI-registered channels guarantee profits?
    • While SEBI-registered channels are more reliable, the stock market always involves risk, and profits are not guaranteed.
  5. How can I join these Telegram channels?
    • Simply click on the “Join Now” link next to each channel’s name in the list.