HDSN Stock Price Prediction from 2024 to 2060


This blog post gives you details about “HDSN Stock Price Prediction from 2024 to 2060” using fundamental analysis with AI-based forecasting techniques.

If you are looking to invest in HDSN stock for the long term and are curious about its future growth, stay connected with this blog post till the end.

With a whopping 1000% growth in the last five years, HDSN stock has already become a favorite stock among retail and institutional investors.

Fundamental analysis has become essential for HDSN stock price in the coming year with the hope of getting higher returns on investment.

But before going into the detailed analysis, it becomes necessary for us to know about Hudson Technologies Inc. and its business model, financial position, etc.

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What is Hudson Technologies Inc.?

Hudson Technologies Inc., founded on January 11, 1991 by Stephen P. Mandracchia and Kevin J. Hudson, operates in the refrigeration manufacturing sector. Zogibe currently operates out of Woodcliff Lake, NJ.

Financial Overview of Hudson Technologies Inc.

Hudson Technologies’ valuation is not very high, but its performance over the last 10 years has been quite impressive. Hudson’s company’s revenue has peaked at $325 million over the past 10 years, a 480% increase in revenue.

Of this huge revenue, the company recorded almost 40% gross profit margin, which is more than $100 million, as the operating costs of the company are quite low.

Due to its strong financials, Hudson Technologies LTS stock has become the investment priority of retail investors.

Take all these factors into consideration and forecast its price for the upcoming years to know its growth potential based on HDSN stock performance.

parameters name value/price
current stock price $13.00
Hudson Technologies ticker symbol HDSN
market cap $591.53m
enterprise value $597.91M
Price/Sales (TTM) 2.11
enterprise value/revenue 2.05
Price/Book (MRQ) 2.63
Enterprise Value/EBITDA 6.93
52 weeks low/high $7.21/$15.03
50/200-day moving average $12.86/$10.89
52-week change -22.18%
official website Hudson Technologies Inc.
Source: Yahoo Finance on January 15, 2024

HDSN Stock Price Prediction from 2024 to 2060

HDSN’s share price saw an unprecedented rise from $0.86 to $13 over the past three years, which is 1411%, and the company has also improved its finances.

The positive growth of Hudson Technologies Company leads us to predict its stock price for the coming years.

Using AI-based deep learning algorithms and our over 9 years of trading experience, we forecast the HDSN stock price from 2024 to 2060, which may differ from the actual price depending on the current market condition.

HDSN Stock Price Prediction Year minimum stock price maximum stock price
2024 $11.27 $16.31
2025 $15.66 $19.26
2026 $18.64 $23.14
2027 $21.73 $28.64
2028 $28.43 $34.08
2029 $35.25 $41.50
2030 $41.40 $52.06
2035 $86.26 $97.65
2040 $134.18 $157.39
2045 $197.51 $213.04
2050 $242.37 $267.11
2055 $305.45 $326.41
2060 $378.01 $403.40
HDSN Stock Price Prediction (2024 – 2060)

HDSN stock price prediction 2024

After a decline in HDSN stock price in 2019, its price started rising again and reached $13 this year.

Currently, HDSN stock price is trading at an all-time high, but if it drops to $11 then it is a buy position.
According to our analysis, Hudson Technologies’ business will grow this year, and its share price will reach a maximum of $4 in 2024 and a minimum of $2 annually.

HDSN stock price prediction 2025

2025 will be a golden year for investors of HDSN stock as its maximum price by the end of 2025 is estimated to be $4, while the annual minimum price will be $2.

Most stock analysts foresee a promising year for HDSN stock due to its consistent revenue growth and positive net profit.

During the late 2025 period, HDSN stock price may face a decline, but the new partnership with business expansion will fix this.

Is HDSN Stock a Good Long-Term Investment?

Over the past 10 years, Hudson Technologies’ business has been growing 482%, indicating a growable business model.

According to our analysis, if the current growth continues the company will easily reach the revenue target value of $1 billion by the end of 2030.

Furthermore, our analysis also shows that its share price can easily touch the mark of $80 in 2030, $4 in 2040, and $5 in 2050, which is enough to please its investors.

But in the event of a bearish market trend, HDSN stock price will not face a huge decline due to the demand for refrigeration equipment for commercial and regular use.

General Question

Is HDSN an overvalued stock?

HDSN stock currently has a P/E ratio of around 8.7, which is much lower than its competitors. Furthermore, Hudson Technology Inc. has grown in terms of revenues, net profit is increasing while its total liabilities, i.e. debt, is quite low, which justifies this P/E ratio and makes its stock price not overvalued. makes.

Does HDSN Stock Pay Dividends?

Is it a good time to buy HDSN stock?

At present, HDSN stock trades at its all-time high price with a reasonable P/E ratio. According to our study, its price may fall by about 10% in the coming time, which would be the right time to buy HDSN stock in bulk.

last words

Through this block post about Foodstuffs and Technology Stock Price Prediction from 2024 to 2060, we have stated the price for each essential upcoming year.

If you are looking to invest in HDSN stock for the long term, wait for its price to fall by 10% and buy it in bulk.

Please consult authentic stock analysts to prevent the loss of your investment.

This article is written for educational purposes only and does not provide any investment advice as we are not stock advisors.

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