Krispy Kreme’s Sweet Surprise: Free 12 Donuts for You on World Kindness Day – No strings attached!

In a world that often feels like it could use a bit more kindness, Krispy Kreme, the beloved donut chain, has come up with a delightful way to spread warmth and sweetness on World Kindness Day. No strings attached, they want to make your day a little brighter by gifting you a dozen mouthwatering donuts.

Krispy Kreme’s Generous Offer

On Monday, November 13th, the first 500 visitors to select Krispy Kreme locations will be treated to a dozen of their iconic original glazed donuts. Krispy Kreme made this heartwarming announcement, highlighting its commitment to inspiring and enabling kindness among people.

World Kindness Day Celebration

World Kindness Day is an opportunity to make a positive difference by being generous – from paying it forward to meaningfully connecting with each other. Simple gestures of caring and thanks, including sharing a sweet treat, is a great way to do that,” says Dave Skena, Global Chief Brand Officer at Krispy Kreme. He believes that sharing a dozen Original Glazed doughnuts, one for you and many to share with others can spark millions of small acts of kindness.

Krispy Kreme’s Fall Donut Lineup

For those who wish to explore the “Flavors of Fall,” Krispy Kreme is introducing three new donut flavors as part of its collection to celebrate special moments of the season. These delectable donuts include:

  1. Caramel Pecan Brownie: An original glazed donut dipped in brownie batter icing and topped with candied fall pecans and a salted caramel drizzle.
  2. Pumpkin Spice Cake: A glazed old-fashioned pumpkin spice cake donut.
  3. Cinnamon Latte Lover: A donut dipped in cinnamon icing and topped with a dollop of cinnamon latte buttercream and an autumnal leaf candy piece.
  4. Spiced Apple Filled: A donut tossed in cinnamon sugar with apple cider-flavored filling.
  5. Blackberry Crisp Filled: A donut with blackberry filling that has been dipped in cinnamon icing and topped with granola.
  6. Chocolate Iced with Autumn Sprinkles: An original glazed donut that has been dipped in chocolate icing and topped with an autumn sprinkle blend.

These delightful flavors are available for purchase through Thanksgiving. However, please note that the “Flavors of Fall” collection is exclusively available at participating Krispy Kreme locations across the country and can be purchased in-person, through pickup, or delivery using the Krispy Kreme app and website.

How to Get Your Free Donuts

To partake in this act of kindness and enjoy your free dozen original glazed donuts, all you need to do is visit a Krispy Kreme store in your city. There are no conditions or purchases required; Krispy Kreme simply wants to share the love and sweetness with you.


In a world that sometimes feels hurried and disconnected, Krispy Kreme’s gesture for World Kindness Day is a reminder that a small act of generosity can go a long way. So, mark your calendar for November 13th and treat yourself and your loved ones to some heartwarming donuts. After all, a little sweetness can make the world a kinder place.


Is this offer available at all Krispy Kreme locations?

No, this offer is available at select Krispy Kreme locations. Please check with your local store for participation.

Is there a limit to the number of free donuts I can receive?

Krispy Kreme is offering a dozen free original glazed donuts to the first 500 visitors, so it’s a limited-time offer.

Can I choose which donuts are in the free dozen?

The free dozen donuts consist of the original glazed variety, and the selection is predetermined.

Can I get the free donuts through delivery or pickup?

Yes, you can enjoy your free donuts through delivery or pickup, in addition to in-store visits.

How can I find the nearest participating Krispy Kreme location?

You can use the Krispy Kreme website or app to locate the nearest participating store in your city.

So, what are you waiting for? Be a part of Krispy Kreme’s mission to spread kindness and treat yourself to some delectable donuts on World Kindness Day!