Lambretta’s Elettra E-Scooter Concept Roars with 15 HP and 127 KM Range!

The world of scooters is witnessing a revolutionary shift as Lambretta’s Elettra E-Scooter, the iconic brand known for its stylish and powerful scooters, unveils the Elettra e-scooter concept at EICMA 2023. With a heritage rooted in the past and an eye on the future, Lambretta aims to set new standards in the electric scooter market with this innovative concept.

A Glimpse Into the Future

Lambretta's Elettra E-Scooter

1. Design Evolution

Lambretta’s design team has masterfully blended nostalgia with contemporary aesthetics. The Elettra e-scooter concept pays homage to its predecessors, notably the Series 1 Lambretta and the Li-150 series 2 model, while embracing the needs of the current generation.

2. Iconic Features of Lambretta’s Elettra E-Scooter

Retaining signature features, such as the hexagonal headlamp casing and rider-only seat with ‘Lambretta’ badging, the Elettra concept introduces modern elements like pop-out button-type brake levers. The curved rear section, reminiscent of classic Lambretta design, boasts an abundance of all-LED lighting, including neon-style elements.

3. Practicality and Innovation

Not just a feast for the eyes, the Elettra e-scooter promises practicality. The entire rear section is easily accessible for repairs, showcasing Lambretta’s commitment to user-friendly design. With a comfortable, upright riding stance and a seat height of 780 mm, the scooter ensures optimal control and handling.

Performance Unleashed by Lambretta’s Elettra E-Scooter

4. Power and Range

Powering the Elettra e-scooter is a 4.6 kWh lithium-ion battery pack, generating an impressive 15 HP. The scooter boasts a range of 127 km in Eco mode and a top speed of 110 km, making it a formidable contender in the electric scooter market.

5. Charging Efficiency

In a world where time is of the essence, Lambretta doesn’t disappoint. The Elettra’s charging time is a mere 5 hours and 30 minutes with a 220v home charger. Need a quick top-up? Utilizing a fast charger in a public space can provide up to 80% charge in just around 35 minutes.

Global Debut, Local Uncertainties

6. International Launch Plans

Lambretta enthusiasts worldwide are eagerly anticipating the production version’s launch in international markets. The company aims to roll out this electric marvel as early as 2024, marking a significant shift from its traditional ICE-based scooters.

7. Indian Market Dilemma

However, for Indian scooter enthusiasts, the wait might be longer. Lambretta had announced plans to re-enter the Indian market in 2023 in collaboration with the Bird Group, backed by a substantial investment exceeding $200 million. Regrettably, updates on this venture have been scarce.

Embracing the Legacy

8. Nostalgia Meets Modernity

The Elettra e-scooter concept is not just a leap into the future; it’s a respectful nod to Lambretta’s storied past. The design echoes the Series 1 Lambretta scooter and the Li-150 series 2 model, both revered in the brand’s history. The harmonious blend of classic elements with modern innovations showcases Lambretta’s commitment to its legacy.

9. Illuminating Innovation

Diving deeper into the design, the all-LED lighting on the Elettra is a testament to Lambretta’s dedication to innovation. From the quirky hexagonal headlamp casing to neon-style lighting elements, every detail is carefully crafted. While some features may be too extravagant for the production model, they undoubtedly add a touch of flair to the concept.

Beyond Aesthetics

10. User-Centric Engineering

One standout feature of the Elettra e-scooter concept is its user-friendly approach to repairs. Lifting the rear bodywork provides access to the entire rear section, simplifying maintenance. This echoes the design philosophy seen in the PiperMoto J Series Scooter with the KTM 690 engine, underlining Lambretta’s commitment to practicality.

11. Comfort in Motion

Beyond the visual appeal, the Elettra promises a comfortable and upright riding stance. With a seat height of 780 mm, Lambretta ensures riders of varying heights can enjoy optimal control and maneuverability. The ample floorboard space and additional storage at the front further enhance the scooter’s practicality for daily use.

A Glimpse Under the Hood

12. Power Dynamics

The heart of the Elettra e-scooter lies in its power-packed performance. The 4.6 kWh lithium-ion battery pack fuels an electric motor capable of delivering 15 HP. This not only ensures a spirited ride but also positions Lambretta competitively in the growing electric scooter market.

13. Eco-Friendly Commuting

With environmental concerns taking center stage, Elettra’s eco-friendly credentials shine. The scooter’s electric prowess translates into a range of 127 km in Eco mode, making it a sustainable choice for daily commuting. As cities worldwide emphasize green mobility, Lambretta’s electric offering aligns perfectly with the zeitgeist.

Market Dynamics and Uncertainties

14. Global Ambitions

Lambretta’s announcement of a global launch in 2024 underscores the brand’s ambition to transcend geographical boundaries. The Elettra e-scooter is poised to make waves not only in European markets, where Lambretta has a strong presence but also in emerging electric vehicle markets globally.

15. Indian Market Puzzle

While international markets await the Elettra eagerly, Indian enthusiasts may need to exercise patience. Lambretta’s plans to re-enter India in collaboration with the Bird Group remain shrouded in uncertainty. The $200 million investment and the promised venture have yet to materialize, leaving Indian Lambretta fans in suspense.

Conclusion on Lambretta’s Elettra E-Scooter

In conclusion, Lambretta’s Elettra e-scooter concept marks a pivotal moment in the brand’s history, symbolizing a shift towards sustainable and futuristic transportation. With its blend of iconic design, practical features, and impressive performance, the Elettra sets the stage for Lambretta’s electric future.



When will Lambretta launch the Elettra e-scooter internationally?

Lambretta aims for a global launch in 2024.

What is the range of the Elettra e-scooter in Eco mode?

The Elettra boasts a range of 127 km in Eco mode.

Is the Elettra e-scooter’s design inspired by classic Lambretta models?

Yes, the design pays homage to iconic Lambretta scooters, blending nostalgia with modernity.

What is the charging time for the Elettra e-scooter with a fast charger?

Using a fast charger in a public place, up to 80% charge can be achieved in around 35 minutes.

Will the Elettra e-scooter be available in India?

While Lambretta plans to re-enter the Indian market, there have been no recent updates on the Elettra’s Indian launch.