Italian Town On High Alert As ‘Leaning Tower of Pisa’ On Verge Of Collapse

Italy’s Bologna is grappling with a potential crisis as the iconic Garisenda tower, famously known as the ‘Leaning Tower of Pisa,’ faces a severe risk of collapse after standing firm for almost a millennium. This 150-foot tall structure has been leaning at a precarious angle of 4 degrees since the 14th century, a result of historical attempts to stabilize its structure. Surpassing even the renowned Leaning Tower of Pisa by just one degree, the Garisenda Tower has long been a symbol of Italy’s rich history and architectural prowess.

History of the Garisenda Tower

Constructed with purpose and precision, the Garisenda tower has weathered centuries of change, witnessing the evolution of Bologna. Previous efforts to rectify its lean proved challenging, leading to the current delicate state. In comparison to its more famous counterpart in Pisa, the Garisenda Tower’s unique tilt has been both a point of concern and cultural pride.

Maintenance Efforts Over the Years

Italy’s commitment to preserving this historical gem is evident in the extensive maintenance efforts undertaken over the years. From structural interventions to renovation projects, the country has spared no expense in ensuring the tower’s integrity. However, recent developments have propelled the tower into a precarious position, prompting authorities to activate a civil protection plan.

Civil Protection Plan Activation

City officials, alarmed by the potential for a sudden collapse, have initiated a civil protection plan. This comprehensive strategy aims to safeguard the public and surrounding structures. Immediate steps include the installation of a metal cordon around the tower to contain debris and minimize the vulnerability of nearby buildings.

Metal Cordon Installation

The installation of a metal cordon is a crucial measure to mitigate potential risks associated with the tower’s collapse. This protective barrier serves to contain debris, reducing the impact on surrounding structures and ensuring the safety of the population. The decision underscores the seriousness of the situation, demanding swift and effective action.

City Council Statement

The city council has issued a statement outlining the protective measures implemented in response to the tower’s heightened risk. By erecting a cordon and closing off access to restricted areas, officials aim to prioritize public safety. Transparent communication with the public is emphasized, reinforcing the commitment to managing the situation responsibly.

Scientific Committee’s Warning

A scientific committee, diligently monitoring the tower since 2019, issued a high alert warning based on October 2023 readings. The observed “unexpected and accelerated trend” of “crushing compression” at the base raises concerns about potential structural failure. The committee highlights the risk of cracks in the base expanding to compromise the stability of the tower.

Crucial Readings in October 2023

The alarming readings in October 2023 have intensified concerns about the Garisenda tower’s stability. Analyzing the unexpected and accelerated trend, the committee emphasizes the need for urgent intervention. The potential expansion of cracks in the base poses a significant threat, requiring immediate action to avert a catastrophe.

Cracks in the Base Tower

The reported “crushing compression” at the base of the tower demands a thorough examination. Understanding the implications of expanding cracks in the stones used in the base is crucial for assessing the overall stability of the structure. This aspect of the situation adds complexity to the ongoing efforts to secure the Garisenda Tower.

Immediate Civic Response

In response to the report, civic officials swiftly closed off the area around the tower and shut down all roads leading to it. These proactive measures aim to prevent any harm to the public and preserve the integrity of the surrounding structures. The collaboration between authorities and the community is vital in navigating through this challenging period.


The precarious state of the Garisenda Tower highlights the delicate balance between preserving history and ensuring public safety. The activation of a civil protection plan, the installation of a metal cordon, and the city council’s proactive measures underscore the commitment to addressing the situation responsibly. Ongoing monitoring and intervention will be essential to navigate the challenges posed by the tower’s potential collapse.

FAQs on the Leaning Tower of Pisa

Is the Garisenda Tower as famous as the Leaning Tower of Pisa?

While not as globally renowned, the Garisenda Tower holds significant historical and cultural importance in Italy.

What triggered the high-alert warning from the scientific committee?

The October 2023 readings indicated an unexpected and accelerated trend of crushing compression at the tower’s base.

How will the metal cordon help protect surrounding buildings?

The metal cordon aims to contain debris in the event of a collapse, reducing the vulnerability of nearby structures.

Are there similarities between the Garisenda Tower and the Leaning Tower of Pisa in their construction?

Both towers share a lean, but the reasons and degrees of inclination differ.

What role does the public play in the ongoing situation with the Garisenda Tower?

Public cooperation is crucial in adhering to area closures and road shutdowns to ensure everyone’s safety.