Massachusetts Man’s House Cleaner Discovers His $1 Million Missing Lottery Ticket

Massachusetts lottery ticket

Massachusetts lottery ticket: In the bustling town of Medford, Massachusetts, a seemingly ordinary vase held the key to a life-changing event. Khalil Soussa, a resident of this charming town, had purchased a lottery ticket worth a staggering $1 million. However, it slipped his mind until an unexpected hero entered the scene – his house cleaner. In a twist of fate, this dusty vase concealed a fortune that could alter Soussa’s life forever.

A Forgotten Fortune

A few months ago, Khalil Soussa bought the winning lottery ticket from Tony’s Convenience on Salem Street in Medford, making him the holder of a coveted piece of paper that could potentially turn his life around. The retailer, too, struck gold as they were entitled to a generous $10,000 bonus for selling the winning ticket.

The particular ticket that held this life-changing fortune was the “$15,000,000 Money Maker” scratch-off ticket. Despite its grandiose name, it was left to languish as an inconspicuous decoration within the confines of a vase, as the chaos of life took precedence. Little did Soussa know that destiny had other plans.

The Discovery

It was an ordinary day in the life of Khalil Soussa when his house cleaner, deep in her cleaning duties, stumbled upon the hidden treasure. Nestled among the ornaments and decorations, the cleaner noticed the forlorn lottery ticket. Instead of tossing it into oblivion, she decided to bring it to her employer’s attention. This seemingly worthless piece of paper held a secret, one that had the potential to change Soussa’s life.

Upon close examination, it became evident that the forgotten ticket was not a mere piece of trash but a winner in the “$15,000,000 Money Maker” game. Khalil Soussa was the fortunate holder of the game’s $1 million second-tier prize.

The Life-Altering Decision

With newfound excitement and disbelief, Soussa made his way to the Massachusetts Lottery headquarters. Faced with the life-altering decision of a lifetime, he had to choose between receiving the prize in annuities or opting for a lump sum payment. Khalil Soussa opted for the latter, choosing the $650,000 one-time payment, which would be subject to taxes.

As for whether the diligent house cleaner received a bonus for her incredible discovery, Soussa remained tight-lipped. However, he did reveal his intentions to put some of the winnings to noble use, assisting a friend in need and contributing to charitable causes. The tale of this forgotten lottery ticket had transformed not only Khalil Soussa’s life but the lives of those who may benefit from his newfound fortune.

Exploring “$15,000,000 Money Maker”

For those unfamiliar with the “$15,000,000 Money Maker” lottery game, it’s an instant game that made its debut in Massachusetts in April 2022. The grand prize of this exciting game boasts a staggering $15,000,000, which winners can choose to receive in the form of an annuity paid out over 20 years, amounting to $750,000 per year.

The Odds of Winning

It’s only natural to wonder about the odds of striking it rich with “$15,000,000 Money Maker.” The overall odds of winning any prize in this game are 1 in 3.09. While the grand prize is certainly alluring, the odds of clinching it stand at 1 in 6,048,000, making it a remarkable feat for anyone lucky enough to achieve it.

Interestingly, there are still two more $1 million prizes up for grabs in the “$15,000,000 Money Maker” instant game. Additionally, there are three top prizes of $15 million, with two of them remaining unclaimed. There are also 216 third-tier prizes of $100,000, with 48 still waiting to be claimed by fortunate winners.

Where to Purchase Lottery Tickets

If this story has ignited your interest in playing the lottery, you might be wondering where you can purchase these elusive tickets. Lottery tickets are available for in-person purchase at gas stations, convenience stores, and grocery stores across the state. Some airport terminals may also offer the chance to try your luck.

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A Responsible Choice

It’s important to emphasize the responsible aspect of lottery gaming. Jackpocket, as the official digital lottery courier of the USA TODAY Network, adheres to strict regulations. It’s essential to remember that you must be of legal gambling age, which varies by state – 18+ in most states, 21+ in Arizona, and 19+ in Nebraska.

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Khalil Soussa’s story serves as a powerful reminder that fortune can sometimes be hidden in the most unexpected places, waiting for the right moment to change lives. With the discovery of his $1 million lottery ticket, Soussa’s life has taken an exciting turn, one that may also touch the lives of those in need through his charitable contributions. It’s a tale of serendipity that reminds us all that luck can strike when we least expect it.

If you’re feeling inspired to try your luck, remember that lottery games can be a thrilling pastime, but it’s essential to approach them responsibly. Always play within your means and seek support if needed.



1. How did Khalil Soussa forget about a $1 million lottery ticket?

Khalil Soussa bought the winning lottery ticket and placed it in a vase as a decoration. The chaos of daily life caused him to forget about it until his house cleaner rediscovered it.

2. What is the “$15,000,000 Money Maker” lottery game?

The “$15,000,000 Money Maker” is an instant game launched in Massachusetts, offering a grand prize of $15 million, which winners can receive as an annuity or a lump sum payment.

3. What are the odds of winning the grand prize in the “$15,000,000 Money Maker” game?

The odds of winning the grand prize in this game are 1 in 6,048,000, making it a remarkable feat for lucky winners.

4. Where can I buy lottery tickets?

You can purchase lottery tickets in person at gas stations, convenience stores, and grocery stores. Some airport terminals may also sell them. Additionally, you can order tickets online through Jackpocket in several U.S. states.

5. Is playing the lottery responsible?

While playing the lottery can be a thrilling pastime, it’s important to do so responsibly. Jackpocket, the official digital lottery courier, provides support for users facing gambling problems and ensures strict compliance with regulations to protect players.