Nifty Prediction for Tomorrow 10-01-2024 (Bearish)

Nifty Prediction for Tomorrow 10-01-2024. Nifty’s looking a bit gloomy today, folks. It’s down in the dumps at 21,545 and showing no signs of immediate revival. But don’t despair, there’s still some strategy we can cook up!

Nifty Prediction for Tomorrow 10-01-2024

FactorCurrent ValueAction
Nifty Index21,545Negative Trend
Short PositionsHoldDaily Closing Stop-Loss at 21,777
Long PositionsWaitOpen above 21,777 for entry
Support Levels21,467, 21,389, 21,260Potential rebound points
Resistance Levels21,674, 21,802, 21,880Potential upside hurdles

Nifty Short Positions:

  • If you are holding short positions, you can continue to hold them with a daily closing stop loss of 21,777. This means that if Nifty closes above 21,777 at the end of the trading day, you should sell your short positions to limit your losses.

Nifty Long Positions:

Nifty Prediction for Tomorrow 10-01-2024
  • Do not initiate any new long positions unless Nifty closes above 21,777. This suggests a potential trend reversal and increased chances of further upside.

Support and Resistance Levels:

  • Keep an eye on the support levels (21,467, 21,389, 21,260) and resistance levels (21,674, 21,802, 21,880). A break below a support level could indicate further downside, while a break above a resistance level could signal a potential uptrend.

For the Short Sellers:

If you’ve already bet on Nifty going down (short positions), hold onto those bets! But be cautious, keep a daily closing stop loss at 21,777. That’s like your safety net, if Nifty jumps above that point, it’s time to cut your losses and run.

For the Long-term Thinkers:

Hold your horses, long-term bulls! Don’t jump into the Nifty pool just yet. Wait for a sign, a signal that things are turning around. That signal is a clear break above 21,777. If Nifty closes above that level, then it might be time to consider taking a long position (betting it will go up).

Now, Let’s Talk Levels:

Imagine Nifty as a mountain on a rollercoaster. It has its ups and downs, but there are certain points where it might pause, catch its breath, and maybe even change direction. These are the support and resistance levels.

  • Support Levels: Think of these as safety nets on the way down. If Nifty falls, these are the levels where it might find some support and bounce back up. They’re at 21,467, 21,389, and 21,260.
  • Resistance Levels: These are like roadblocks on the way up. If Nifty climbs, these are the levels where it might face some resistance and struggle to go higher. They’re at 21,674, 21,802, and 21,880.


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  • Trading involves risk, and there is no guarantee of profit.