Who Is Gerry Turner’s Fiancée? All About Golden Bachelor Winner Theresa Nist

Who Is Gerry Turner?

Gerry Turner

The surprising love story of Gerry Turner, the star of The Golden Bachelor, and his fiancée Theresa Nist has captured the hearts of viewers across the nation. Let’s delve into the details of this unexpected romance that unfolded in the season finale.

The Golden Moment

Gerry’s Second Chance

Gerry Turner’s journey on The Golden Bachelor concludes with a heartwarming proposal to Theresa Nist, the recipient of his final rose. This section explores the emotional moments that led to the second chance at love for Gerry.

Theresa’s Heartfelt Confession

Before accepting the coveted rose, Theresa pours her heart out, expressing her feelings and addressing societal perceptions about love in later years. Discover the sincerity in her words that moved Gerry to choose her.

A Glimpse into Theresa Nist’s Life

From New Jersey to South Carolina

Uncover Theresa’s roots in Shrewsberry, New Jersey, and the couple’s decision to relocate to Charleston, South Carolina. Fate seems to have played a hand in their choice, as Gerry’s desire to move aligns with Theresa’s son’s proximity to Charleston.

Professional Life

Explore Theresa’s professional background as a financial services professional at TFS Financial Services, Inc. With over 20 years of experience in the securities industry, Theresa brings a wealth of knowledge to the table.

Family Ties

Delve into Theresa’s role as a grandmother of six, with touching insights from her grandchildren featured on The Golden Bachelor. Learn how family played a pivotal role in Gerry’s decision-making process.

The Blend of Families

With Gerry’s grandchildren in the mix, discover the heartwarming dynamics as two families come together. Theresa and Gerry’s vision for an inviting home where everyone can gather adds a delightful touch.

Symbolism in the Ring

The Engagement Ring’s Story

Neil Lane, The Bachelor franchise’s jeweler, crafts a handcrafted princess cut ring with deep symbolism for Gerry and Theresa. Understand the intricate details that attracted Gerry to this vintage-inspired masterpiece.

Turner’s Perspective

Explore Gerry Turner’s perspective on the ring and its connection to Theresa. Lane’s attention to detail mirrors the depth Turner sees in his fiancée, creating a profound symbol of their love.

The Road to “I Do”

Wedding Plans Unveiled

Get a sneak peek into the couple’s plans to tie the knot on live TV. Gerry and Theresa are wasting no time, with a wedding special set to air on ABC on January 4. Join in the excitement as they embark on this new chapter of their lives.


In a world captivated by scripted love stories, Gerry Turner and Theresa Nist’s journey stands out as a testament to the enduring power of love, no matter the age. As they prepare to say “I do” on national television, their story continues to inspire hope and redefine the boundaries of romance.

FAQs on Who Is Gerry Turner

How did Gerry Turner’s first wife pass away?

Gerry’s first wife, Toni, passed away before his appearance on The Golden Bachelor.

What made Theresa Nist stand out among other contestants?

Theresa’s sincerity and genuine emotions set her apart, capturing Gerry’s heart.

Will Gerry and Theresa’s wedding be a private affair?

No, the couple has opted for a live ABC wedding special, allowing viewers to share in their joy.

How did Gerry’s family react to his choice of Theresa as the winner?

Gerry’s daughters and granddaughters were genuinely excited and supportive of his decision.

What can viewers expect from the live TV wedding on January 4?

The wedding promises to be a heartwarming celebration of love, with Gerry and Theresa exchanging vows in front of a live audience.