Pfizer stock price forecast 2024-2060

Pfizer Stock Price Prediction 2024 to 2060

This blog post will analyze Pfizer stock price forecast for 2024 to 2060 based on technical and fundamental analysis of Pfizer stock price history. Let us discuss the future price forecast of PEE stock and its performance analysis for the coming years.


What is Pfizer?

Pfizer Inc. is an American multinational pharmaceutical and biotechnology corporation founded in 1849 by two Germans, Charles Pfizer and Charles F. Erhart and officially operates in New York City, United States.

This paramedical company has expertise in developing and manufacturing medicines for immunology, oncology, cardiology, endocrinology, and neurology.

In 2022, Pfizer expects to generate $67 billion in revenue worldwide from various vaccines and medical devices for COVID-19.

About 50% of this revenue comes from the United States (42%) and Japan (8%), while the remaining 50% is generated from other countries.

Pfizer stock remains a component of the Dow Jones Industrial Average stock market index as of 2020 and is currently ranked 38th in the Fortune 500 and 39th in the Forbes Global 2000.

In addition, Pfizer provides its products in bulk to governments, retailers, hospitals, clinics, and medical agencies.

If we talk about the availability of its manufacturing facilities, they are established across the world, mostly in India, China, North and South America, Europe, etc.

It is necessary to analyze his performance as an investor to know better investment opportunities.

Let’s get started!

Financial Overview of PFE Stock

Companies like Pfizer can develop a vaccine for any disease within a period of two to three years, which makes them industry players.

The revenue of a pharmaceutical company mainly depends on the development of new vaccines or medicines for the disease, which can be seen in the revenue growth of Pfizer.

Pfizer’s revenue grew from $40 billion to $100 billion over the past three years, with a net profit of $32 billion.

parameters name value/price
current stock price ,28.70
pfizer ticker symbol PFE
market cap $162.05B
enterprise value $181.47B
Price/Sales (TTM) 2.40
enterprise value/revenue 2.65
Price/Book (MRQ) 1.67
Enterprise Value/EBITDA 9.87
52 weeks low/high $25.76/$46.74
50/200-day moving average $29.23/$34.65
52-week change -37.72%
official website Pfizer Inc.
Source: Yahoo Finance on January 15, 2023

Pfizer Stock Price Forecast 2023 to 2060

Pfizer Stock Price Prediction Year minimum stock price maximum stock price
2024 $27.87 $35.65
2025 $35.17 $50.08
2026 $41.79 $55.10
2027 $52.15 $60.58
2028 $53.18 $67.82
2029 $63.22 $75.41
2030 $69.80 $83.44
2035 $85.50 $107.58
2040 $138.33 $157.25
2045 $197.68 $211.23
2050 $235.91 $275.55
2055 $298.02 $347.69
2060 $402.77 $433.09
Pfizer Stock Price Prediction (2024 – 2060)

Pfizer stock price forecast 2024

Pfizer may see some decline in revenue generation in 2024, which will impact its stock price.

During this period, the PFE stock price will rise to $35.65 in the early months of the year, but its price may decline slightly to $27.87 in the last few months.

Pfizer Stock Price Prediction Year minimum stock price maximum stock price
2024 $27.87 $35.65

Pfizer stock price forecast 2025

Over time, Pfizer succeeded in developing the best vaccine provider on the American and European continents.

In this decade, there has been a tremendous jump in the net profit as well as the revenue of the company.

According to the opinion of industry experts, PFE stock may see significant growth potential in 2025.

Our study indicated that PFE stock will touch a maximum estimated price of $50.08 in 2025, with a minimum price of $37.17.

Pfizer Stock Price Prediction Year minimum stock price maximum stock price
2025 $37.17 $50.08

Pfizer stock price forecast 2030

Being the oldest pharmaceutical company, Pfizer has a trusted customer and distribution network, which has a significant influence in the US market.

Based on current analysis, Pfizer has very strong fundamentals and financial data, which will ensure its sustainability in the long term.

According to our analysis, with the current business growth, PFE stock has the potential to reach a maximum estimated price of $83.44 by the end of 2030.

In case of a bearish trend in the market, PFE stock could face a downside and start a recovery from the minimum estimated price of $69.80 during the same period.

Pfizer Stock Price Prediction Year minimum stock price maximum stock price
2030 $69.80 $83.44

Pfizer stock price forecast 2040

Most Wall Street stock analysts have a positive perception of Pfizer’s growth due to its market stability since 1849.

As time passes, medical treatment becomes expensive across the world, leading to the growth of good companies like Pfizer as they came forward as an angel during the pandemic period.

If we talk about investing in PEE stock for the long term till 2040 then it will be beneficial for any investor.

There are several acceptable reasons, such as the 4.65% dividend yield and high growth potential for PFE stock over time.

According to our analysis, Pfizer stock could fluctuate between a maximum of $157.25 and a minimum of $138.33 in 2040.

In case of a bullish market trend, its stock can easily exceed the above-estimated price, but in a bearish market, it may face difficulties.

Pfizer Stock Price Prediction Year minimum stock price maximum stock price
2040 $138.33 $157.25

Pfizer stock price forecast 2050

2050 will be a golden year for Pfizer investors as its price will trade skyrocketing.

According to our analysis, the PFE stock price will easily touch the maximum target price of $275.55. Apart from this, its price will also have to face a decline to the minimum estimated price of $235.91.

Pfizer Stock Price Prediction Year minimum stock price maximum stock price
2050 $235.91 $275.55

Pfizer Stock Price Forecast 2060

Pfizer Stock Price Prediction Year minimum stock price maximum stock price
2060 $402.77 $433.09


What is the market cap of Pfizer Inc?

Currently, Pfizer Inc. has $194.05 billion, which is less than last year’s $216 billion.

What is Pfizer’s stock dividend yield?

Currently, Pfizer offers a 4.24% dividend yield to its investors.

What is the PFE stock price forecast after five years?

According to our study, after five years, in 2028, Pfizer’s share price could reach a maximum price of $67.82 and a minimum estimated price of $53.18.

Can Pfizer’s share price reach $100?

Yes, by 2035 Pfizer’s share price will easily cross the $100 mark. In case of a bullish market trend, this target price can be achieved before 2035.

last words

After reading this entire article on “Pfizer Stock Price Prediction from 2024 to 2026” you will get an overall idea about its stock price growth.

Over the past few years, PFE stock has fluctuated between a $30 to $60 price range, but its stock offers huge gains in 2021 and 2022.

But after the end of Covid-19, its stock price saw a continuous decline.

If we talk about the target price mark of $100 then Pfizer stock may face huge difficulties in crossing it.

According to our analysis, Pfizer is not a good option to invest money with the expectation of huge returns.

If you want to invest in PFE stock, then definitely take valuable advice from a financial advisor before investing.

Also, if this detailed analysis proves to have some enlightening content, then definitely give this blog post a maximum 5-star rating.

Thank you!

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