Putin Found on Ground Following Reported Cardiac Arrest

Putin’s Health Mystery Deepens as Shocking Claims Emerge

putin cardiac arrest
Putin cardiac arrest

In a surprising turn of events, the health of Russian President Vladimir Putin has once again come under scrutiny. Recent reports suggest that the 71-year-old leader suffered a suspected cardiac arrest, leaving many questions unanswered. This development is of great concern, particularly in the wake of his controversial invasion of Ukraine in 2022.

The unsettling incident was brought to light through a statement posted on a Telegram channel. According to this source, President Putin was found on the floor, apparently stricken by a cardiac arrest. Quick assistance was rendered, and he eventually regained consciousness. The incident took place shortly after his invasion of Ukraine and has raised numerous speculations regarding his health.

The Telegram channel in question, known as General SVR, is believed to be operated by a former Kremlin insider. This channel has been a consistent source of information regarding the Russian President’s health, even suggesting that Putin may be terminally ill. Moreover, it has made bold claims about the use of body doubles during his foreign visits, creating further intrigue and speculation.

General SVR’s statement read, “Doctors performed resuscitation, having previously determined that the president was in cardiac arrest. Help was provided on time, the heart was started, and Putin regained consciousness.”

The incident, which occurred around 9 p.m. Moscow time, was brought to light when security officers at Putin’s residence heard noises and the sound of a fall emanating from the president’s bedroom. They rushed to the scene and discovered Putin on the floor next to an overturned table with food and drinks.

This unsettling scene unfolded with Putin experiencing convulsions and rolling his eyes. The on-duty doctors in an adjacent room were immediately summoned to provide medical assistance, adding to the dramatic nature of the incident.

General SVR is said to be run by a former Russian lieutenant-general, but the credibility of its claims remains in question. The allegations concerning body doubles, in particular, have yet to be confirmed by any reliable sources.

However, recent developments have contributed to the cloud of uncertainty surrounding Putin’s health. A Japanese AI analysis and various media reports have raised doubts about whether the man who appeared in public was indeed President Putin or a well-crafted body double.

The body double in question is rumored to have experienced a facial malfunction. General SVR’s report stated, “The fault is again with the double’s ‘floating’ cheekbones, which do not stay in place and move in different directions. The double initially had less expressive cheekbones, which, as a result of plastic surgery, were ‘enlarged’ and made similar to Putin’s cheekbones. But it was impossible to make sure they stayed stationary in the right places.”

As the mystery surrounding Putin’s health deepens and the claims of body doubles persist, the world watches with bated breath. The ongoing uncertainty has far-reaching implications, given Putin’s prominent role in global politics and his controversial actions in recent years. Only time will tell whether these allegations hold any truth or if they are merely part of a larger web of intrigue surrounding the enigmatic Russian leader.